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My work is built on trust in the creative process itself. It inspires me in painting as well as in life. 

The characteristic feature is intuitive expression and authenticity.
The paintings capture what is not seen by the human eye, thus redirecting our attention to the inner world. In painting, I draw from the space of silence that lies beyond words and emotions.

The foundation for my current painting lies in drawing, which has developed a certain delicacy and sensitivity.

Painting has become a part of my life; it nourishes me, propels me forward, and guides me.

I graduated from Tomas Bata University in Zlín.

The paintings have been exhibited in various cities in the Czech Republic, including Prague, Brno, and Zlín.


My paintings and beautiful music by Standa Klapuch ambient music.

Staying With Flute and Lucid Dream.

Coming soon


February 2024 Czech artists Port Gallery, Barcelona, Spain

December 2023: Paintings and music by Standa Klapuch ambient music "Staing With Flute"

19. 11. 2023: Exhibition of paintings at the event One Field / Jihlava / Zdeňka Pohlreich, Helena Máslová, Jan Vojáček

28. - 29. 10. 2023: International art festival OPEN ART FEST 2023 / Praha

15. 10. 2023: Exhibition of paintings at the event One Field / Kolín /Jan Rak, Marie Tilšarová, Jaroslav Grünwald

1. 10. 2023: Exhibition of paintings at the event One Field/ Pardubice / Gabriela Fillipi, Tomáš Klus, Kuba Ryba, Šimon Bilina

June 2023: Solo exhibition Kavárna Továrna / Zlín

May 2023: Solo exhibition cafe Čokoládové království / chateau Vizovice

28., 29. a 31. 5. 2023: Exhibition of paintings at the event " Besedování s Vojtou Dykem, Marcelou Berith" / Valašské Meziříčí / Olomouc / Ostrava

April 2023: Solo exhibition Otrokovická Beseda / Otrokovice

29. 4. 2023: Exhibition of paintings at the event One Field / DK Poklad, Ostrava / Jan Vojáček, Jan Rak

February 2023: Solo exhibiton Galerie Titanium / Brno


Dita Sedláčková

+420 605 040 915





"The creative process is not about hoping, wishing, waiteing, wanting, trying, or looking. It´s about embodying and becoming your creation. " Dr. Joe Dispenza